You Won’t Believe What They Said!


You Won’t Believe What They Said!

At Go Golfing we aren’t afraid of the truth – we want the truth! The good, the bad, the ugly. It’s how we learn what worked and what didn’t, things we can keep and things that need to change. Without feedback, innovation stalls, and that’s why we send out Feedback Forms.

This past couple of months have been some of the busiest since the Pandemic and we’ve been thrilled to see numbers return to normal with sold-out tours setting sail to sunlit Hawaii, nearby New Zealand and more! Not everything was perfect, but in the pursuit of perfection we asked everyone who went to these tours:


“If chatting with a friend, what would you say about your trip?”


For those on the Hawaii Cruise that conversation would go a little like this:


“Just go do it. Looking at booking Vietnam with a couple of friends for October”

          Glenn & Cheryl A, St Andrew GC

“Interesting golf courses.,, fun and different and enjoyable concept with cruise.”


“It’s got to be out on your bucket list. Go Golfing takes out all the guess work & organise everything”

          Tracey M

“We choose golf tours not just for the golf. We like the sightseeing plus mixing and meeting some really nice people. It’s not a tour that you pack up every morning and move on. You stay a few days in each place, play golf plus a tour.”


“At the end of the day you always have someone to sit and have a drink and a chat.”

Jen and Paul, Hope Island GC


How did our golfers fare in the land of the long white cloud? Some had more to say than others:


“Have told them of how good it was with exception of Cape Kidnappers which should have been a highlight.”

Roy N, Bribie Island GC

“Well worth the expense, well organised, great golf courses and venues”


“Played some fabulous courses with like-minded people, and the friendships made on the tour… Would definitely recommend Go Golfing.”

          Ian M, Wakehurst GC

“Loved it”

Rhonda M

Good golfing opportunities at memorable courses. Generally well organised.”

          Peter L, Murrumbidgee GC

“Great trip, would recommend”

          Kim C, Coolangatta Tweed Heads GC

“Would and have highly recommended this New Zealand South Island Tour”

Roy N, Bribie Island GC

“Great organising – with excellent itinerary pre & during advice great venues for golf with excellent host”

          Mike G, Brisbane GC

“The golf courses are the most visually spectacular you can imagine. Difficult but playable.”

          Ross W, Busselton GC

“Definitely a good trip if you are a golfer!”

          Jannette B, Shelly Beach GC


         Trevor  H, Cranbourne GC

“I would recommend – 8-9”

         David B, Shelly Beach GC

“Worthwhile way to enjoy a golf experience – low stress”

Tony H


And our Tasmania trip, how did things go for them?

“Enjoyed the destination, golf and new-found friends. But I felt we missed some of the true Go Golfing advantages on this trip.”

         Frank & Royalie, Easts Golf and Leisure GC


We also got one from the recent Gold Coast World Masters:


“Once again many thanks to you and all the professional organisers at Go Golfing for yet another great Gold Coast World Masters. GCWM ticks all the boxes for our golfing mantra which is ENJOY.

Entertaining: We cannot help but have a good time with your fun tournament formula. No matter what our level of expertise, seriousness or experience has been.

New: We have met like-minded new people. We have since caught up with a few of them again across Australia. And some have come back up to play more golf with us at the Gold Coast.

Joy: Unexpectedly winning or placing in our grades. Magnificent trophies going straight to the pool room with bragging rights forever. Winning points, dollars and serious prizes for just turning up.

Organised: Everything is exceptionally organised with your team of pro’s. Marketing, bookings, transport, golf courses, clubs, competitions, welcome night, awards night, social nights all done for us so we just had to turn up.

Yearly: Gold Coast World Masters is on our annual planning calendar for now until forever. Planning on overseas after 2023.”

Lorraine R


What do we learn from this info? That for us, the connections made along the way are second only to the golf itself, and that these holidays are more than just a fantastic opportunity to play a sport we love and see the world – it’s a chance to find new friends and new love – not just the friendship kind! Why do so many of our golfers return? Yes, to leave their worries at the baggage check-in, to experience luxury in stunning hotels, to see the world and play this noble sport but also to spend time with people like them. People at the same stage in life with whom they can reminisce about simpler times with. There’s no greater comfort to us than to know that, as Jen and Paul put it: “At the end of the day you always have someone to sit and have a drink and a chat.”