What to Expect at a Luxury Safari Lodge?

What to Expect at a Luxury Safari Lodge?

Imagine yourself on a South African Safari, staying at a luxury safari lodge right in the middle of the African bushveld. Here you’ll hear the roar of the lion deep in the middle of the night, wake up to a breathtaking landscape and elephants drinking at the waterhole just outside your bungalow. Sounds perfect right? That’s because it is.


It doesn’t get much better than a Kruger Park safari. Home to the widest diversity of wildlife in South Africa and delivering some of the finest game viewings,  Kruger offers international award-winning accommodation, smooth-running logistics and some of Africa’s best trackers and guides, ready to take you on Big 5 game drives and big-thrill walking safaris.


Staying at a luxury safari lodge is an exceptional experience that you will remember for a lifetime. Set alongside the Kruger National Park’s unfenced western boundary, Kruger’s private reserves deliver the best Big 5 game viewing in Southern Africa. These exclusive, conservation-driven reserves are also home to some of Africa’s finest safari accommodation and you can expect a luxury safari experience with superb service and cuisine plus facilities such as gyms, health spas and private pools. The Private Concessions of the park offer an intimate and exclusive safari without the crowds – while within the boundaries of the mighty Kruger.


There is a premium to be paid at a private Kruger game reserve but the expense is worth it: not only are they packed with animals but you’ll get closer and your chances of seeing all of the Big 5 are virtually guaranteed.  Plus, you’ll have access to activities not permitted in the Kruger Park such as spot-lit night drives, guided nature walks and off-road driving for close-up encounters.

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Staying in an exclusive private game lodge in Kruger is the ultimate all-immersive experience. The borders between the national park and private reserves are unfenced and the wildlife takes full advantage of the larger habitat that is available to them. Lodges generally have their own waterholes, and watching a herd of elephants drinking or wallowing a mere 10 metres away is a lovely way to relax between game drives and eating!

Your day will typically look like this:

  • 5:30 am – Wake-up call
  • 5:30 am – Tea and coffee in the main lodge before the game drive
  • 6:00 am – Game Drive (usually lasts around 3 hours)
  • 9:00 am – Breakfast
  • 10:00 am – Optional bush walk (some lodges offer this, not all)
  • 1:00 pm – Lunch
  • 3:00 pm – Afternoon tea before the game drive
  • 4:00 pm – Sunset drive (usually lasts around 3 hours)
  • 8:00 pm – Dinner

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Luxury game drives ensure close encounters with the wildlife.

You’ll journey into exclusive areas of Kruger where no other vehicles are allowed – which means you won’t have the disappointment of getting caught up in the game watching traffic of the busy self-drive haunts in Kruger.


You will get paired with an experienced guide and tracker for the duration of your stay. The game vehicles are usually small-  about 3 couples fit in each- allowing for an intimate experience. Unlike day safaris into Kruger, where vehicles have to stay on-road, they’ll take you off-road to find animals or to stay out later than the 3-hour time cap if you are having an amazing encounter.


You get two game drives a day – one early in the morning and the other late afternoon – each lasting about three hours each. At dusk, your guide will stop in an open area and unpack the cooler box and offer you a sundowner. And, yes, there is something magical about standing in the middle of the African Bushveld and watching the sunset over Kruger National Park while sipping on a cold drink. The last hour of your drive will happen in the dark in search of nocturnal animals.

Exclusive night-lit game drives

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The tracker specialises in spotting and tracking animals. Thornybush tracker 2017

These highly trained, conservation-minded guides have an intimate knowledge of the area and the wildlife. They know where to find a leopard eating its prey or lions mating, and they radio in sightings for other guests to share. You’ll usually have the same guide throughout your stay and at many lodges, you’ll share the dinner table – and its conversation – with them. The tracker usually sits on a chair right at the front of the vehicle and specialises in spotting and tracking animals.

All the game drive vehicles are in radio contact with each other. So, whenever something exciting is spotted or tracked, everyone else in the area is notified of its location. Only 2 or 3 vehicles are allowed at any sighting at a time.


Guided bush walks in Kruger Park. Thornybush 2017

Many lodges offer a guided walk to explore the African bush – usually lasts one to two hours. Walking in single file, you will be introduced to how to spot tracks in the sand or mud and to the vegetation. Your guide is trained to keep you safe and is armed, just in case…

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Lukimbi Private Concession

Set in the southern Kruger and bordered by three rivers, Kruger’s largest private concession is a 15 000 hectare reserve that is home to the Big 5 as well as a wide variety of other classic animals such as cheetah, spotted hyena, zebra, giraffe, and hippo. Lukimbi Safari Lodge wilderness also happens to be one of the last strongholds of the endangered black rhino).

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