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Last Chapter from the 2015 US West Swing Golf Tour

A leisurely Saturday morning taking in the sights of downtown San Diego before tackling Maderas golf course north of the city in the late afternoon. 

Our first (and only) rain of the tour could not detract from the scenic beauty of this course which, like every other course on our schedule, was in pristine condition with a layout as good as any we have struck on tour.

A couple of hardy souls including our “ATD-SA”  Paul Valle (Assistant Tour Director-Self Appointed} and the very robust nonagenarian Stan Meers completed the back nine in the rain not realising the power of the “real” tour leader who arbitrarily reduced the day’s event to a 9 hole competition! Reward for hard work still applies however and our winners were:


Ladies:  Kay Meadows    30pts

Men:  Paul Valle – 29pts

Pins: Angelika Gmerek & Bruce Meers

Sunday dawned bright and clear as we headed off for our morning Whale watching cruise only to find that the swells outside San Diego Bay were running at 2m and only 2.5m apart – too rough for landlubbers according to our skipper on the “Hornblower”. What seemed like a downer actually transformed into a major positive as the cruise line laid on a 2 hour bay cruise at no cost to us.

San Diego is a major US Naval port and there were numerous warships in port from Aircraft Carriers to Destroyers, Submarines. Heavy and light landing craft ships. On land there is the Defence forces air base and there were many fighter jets and helicopters on the tarmac. These aspects added to the busy city skyline, marinas, maritime museum and the 1160 feet long USS Midway (Aircraft Carrier) stationed as a permanent museum display, meant there was a lot to take in.  The nuclear powered carrier “USS Ronald Reagan” was also in port and at 1092 feet long is twice as long as the 35 storey building on the foreshore is high – very impressive.

After lunch it was off on our tour of the city with our local guide Vera. There was a lot to see in the 8th biggest city in the US from ritzy suburbs and the neighbouring Navy Seals training facility on the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the expansive family friendly Balboa Park with its many museums and gardens. A stroll through the up-market area of La Jolla and its attendant “aromas” (Cormorant guano and seals) followed by a quick look at the Old City completed a successful day.

Our last casual evening before perhaps the hardest test in the golfing program, Torrey Pines South, the nation’s foremost municipal golf course. Situated atop cliffs towering above the Pacific Ocean you can only marvel at the views of the coastline, deep ravines and championship golf holes. As the home for the PGA Tour Farmers Insurance Open in February it was always going to be a tough test for our group despite playing 1000 yards less than the Pros. It was well worth the pain to experience this magnificent golf course. Winners were:


Ladies: Ailsa Morrison-Galt – 56pts (C/B from Kay Meadows)

Men: David Scanlan    55pts from Phil Johnston    51pts

Pins: Vicki Scanlan


The Brazilian Steakhouse “Rei Do Gado” was the venue for our presentation dinner and it was a sumptuous meal indeed. The wide ranging buffet of salads, seafoods and hot dishes was complemented by table service of 22 different types of meats sliced as directed by the diner – a great way to control portion sizes. Our tournament winners were:


Ladies: 1st – Jill Clarke    377pts 2nd    Ailsa Morrison-Galt    374pts

Men: 1st    David Scanlan    387pts   2nd    Paul Valle    381pts



1st    “Lepos” (Leprechauns)    Ailsa Morrison-Galt & David Scanlan    846pts

2nd    “Purple Rocks”    Kay Meadowsa & Peter Gmerek    842pts


Congratulations to all winners. Until we meet again – Bye for now

Graeme Thomas
Your Friendly Go Golfing Host


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