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Where To Go In Turkey For The Travelling Golfer

Blue Mosque And Aya Sofya, Istanbul

Where To Go In Turkey For The Travelling Golfer

Sweeping landscapes rich in history and beauty lay the foundation of the fascinating country of Turkey. A collision of colourful cultures from both the East and West, Turkey offers an intriguing mix of traditions and ancient legacy with Greek and Roman ruins, natural wonders, and incredible architecture. With a growing golf scene and thriving culture, it’s easy to see why Turkey is a great destination for the travelling golfer. Discover the delights of Turkey…


Interior of the Blue Mosque, Istanbul. Turkey

Discover Surreal Architecture In Istanbul

One of the most magnificent sights is the brilliantly blue-tiled interior of Istanbul’s Blue Mosque, one of the grandest mosques in the world. Right next door, you’ll find one of the world’s most beautiful buildings, Aya Sofya, a majestic Byzantine basilica.

The famous Hippodrome spread alongside the mosque is also a testament to man’s craftsmanship with an array of monuments still standing from 2nd century AD. Here you’ll also find the racetrack that endured centuries of chariot races cheered by thousands of spectators.


Travertines with blue water in Pamukkale, Turkey

Float In An Ancient Spa City

Bathe as the Romans once did in the terraced limestone Pamukkale Thermal Pools, also known as the Travertines. These naturally-formed pools are brimming with mineral-rich waters believed to have healing powers. With a water temperature of 36°C all year round, the invitation to take a dip is most tempting.

Just nearby, discover the ancient Roman and Byzantine spa city known as Hierapolis. Swim amongst the ruins of the original marble pillars of the city now submerged in more healing waters believed to restore good health.


Library of Celsus, EphesusWalk The Path Of Ancient Legends

The ancient Greek city of Ephesus was once a place where Greek and Roman gods were adored. Walk through the fascinating monuments of the Roman Imperial period that once hosted princes and emperors of centuries passed. Though crumbling, the majestic ruins including the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre still draw many who are eager for a taste of the ancient world.

The ruined city is also home to the renowned Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The temple was named after one of the three goddesses of Olympus and was built in approximately 550 BCE.


Sirince scenery in Turkey.

Explore The Quaint Streets Of Sirince

A former Greek village known for its flourishing fruit wines and quirky history, the town of Sirince is tucked away on the East coast of Turkey. Sirince means “pretty”, however, the village was formerly named Cirkince meaning “ugly” as its residents didn’t want to share their beautiful town with tourists! The secret was eventually discovered and now we can all enjoy the charming narrow streets and lovely locals of today.

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