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The Best Travel Apps for Staying Connected

The Best Travel Apps for Staying Connected

This is the third installment of a series of articles on essential travel apps to download for a more enjoyable experience.  We’ve already reviewed apps that tell you what to pack for every destination, give you GPS tracking of your luggage, quickly convert currency without the internet, tell you when and how much to tip, find the easiest way to get to places, and much more. Better still, these apps are easily installed, and most of them are free.

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In this third edition, we showcase 3 travel journal and communication apps.

LiveTrekker – Retrace All Your Travels in Every Details

LiveTrekker (Android, iOS) is a fabulous app which keeps a detailed record of your travels, complete with a map track and geotagged photos, videos and audio. The app tracks you as you go, marking a red line along a map on the exact route you take. It can be a bit of a data hog, and continued use of GPS can drain your battery faster, but LiveTrekker does make for a nice holiday interactive memory. With it, you can:

  • Track your every step
  • Record everything around you
  • Share with your loved ones, live
  • Safeguard your travel memories
  • Fine-tune your best journeys
  • Protect your data privacy


WhatsApp Free Real Time Messaging

This unstoppable WhatsApp messaging app (Android, iOS) is slowly but surely doing what until recently was thought impossible: making the text message obsolete. Messages – pictures, videos, sound clips and GPS tags as well as text- are sent using either wi-fi or your phone’s web package, so even if you’re sending a message to someone on the other side of the globe, there’s nothing to pay. Absolutely essential for keeping in touch with overseas friends, and, providing you can find some wi-fi, great for sending off-the-cuff holiday snaps back home.


Touchnote – Send Photos as Postcards while You Travel

Remember postcards? The Touchnote app (Android, iOS) allows you to go back to the analogue era. Create and sende physical cards with your own travel snaps and text to anywhere in the world, from just $2.99 a pop. Just select your fave pic, submit it together with the destination address, and it will be printed and sent off by someone in a shop somewhere. And, isn’t it nice to receive a postcard in the letterbox?


Do you know any apps which should include? Please leave a comment and share with everyone else…

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