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Do you make these travel blunders?

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Do you make these travel blunders?

In light of the recent frenzy that saw the budgie nine in very hot water last week, here are some travel etiquette tips on how to avoid the most common faux pas so you don’t find yourself in trouble when travelling overseas.



In Thailand, the head is considered sacred, this means that touching someone’s head is considered extremely offensive. This is probably not something you would commonly do anyway, but be mindful, when meeting children, you should never pat them on the head.

Also, Thai people are very sensitive to any disrespectful mention of their highly regarded King. To avoid offending anyone we suggest it’s best not to refer to the King in any way as it can be taken out of context.

Also, refrain from stomping on any rolling coins or banknotes that you’ve dropped. It might seem like second nature to stop a runaway coin but the King’s image is stamped on the coins so it’s considered extremely offensive to stand on any.


Chinese Customs

In China, it’s considered offensive to blow your nose in public. If you catch a cold on your travels don’t get the tissues out in public or risk some very discerning glares!

If you’re invited to dinner, the person hosting the dinner is to order all of the dishes without asking people what they want. The host always pays, it’s considered rude for guests to offer to split the bill.

If you happen to be offering any gifts in China make sure that you avoid presenting any clocks, storks, cranes or handkerchiefs. Actually, avoid anything white, blue or black as well – all of these items are definite no-nos to the Chinese people as they are associated with death – probably not the message your gesture was intended to make.


Spain & Portugal Language Faux Pas

If someone from Spain tells you they’re ‘embarazada’ think twice before showering them with pity. ‘Embarazada’ means pregnant – not embarrassed!

When walking the streets of Portugal and practising your new found language skills be careful when giving out compliments. ‘Esquisito’ means strange not exquisite. Don’t make the mistake of telling someone that they’re new necklace is esquisito’. You may not get the reaction you were expecting.

And don’t stress if any of your new found friends tell you that they’re constipação. It means they’re cold, not constipated.


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