Tony Tusa – Go Golfing’s Frequent Flyer

Few golfers can rival the golfing passport of Auckland’s Tony Tusa. It all started with a trip across the ditch in 1997 to play in Go Golfing’s World Masters on the Gold Coast. Hooked, Tony has since racked up an amazing 57 trips – all with Go Golfing.

Clubs in hand, he’s seen more of Australia than most Aussies – Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Capricorn, Laguna Quays, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula, Perth, Margaret River and more. Such a loyal follower, he’s played tournaments in his own backyard and toured all over New Zealand with Go Golfing.

Even at 88 years young, he’s still racking up the frequent flyer points. His passport runs out of pages long before it runs out of expiry. Thailand and Vietnam are among the 5 tournaments he’s entered this year. It might be easier to list the countries where he hasn’t played. You can tick off USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, France, Italy, South America and Egypt. He was even on Go Golfing’s lone tour to Russia.

Go Golfing’s Peter McCarthy recalls a round he played with Tony at his home club in Huapai in Auckland more than 10 years ago. “Tony’s golf bag weighed a tonne and glass bottles clinked as I strapped it onto the cart. There were mandatory whiskey shots before we teed off and more shots if someone had a birdie or a double par. Double pars became more common as the round progressed. The banter and laughter continued through everyone’s backswing. A call to the clubhouse on the 8th saw a carton of beer and a chilli bin rushed to us like it was an emergency. Why? Because I said I couldn’t do another whiskey shot. 

Heading down the 18th there was music blaring from one of the houses backing onto the course. We abandoned the game, and our balls that may have been up near the green, and went in. We were welcomed with cocktails that could have powered Neil Armstrong back to the moon. I don’t remember much after that.

Staying at Tony’s, he wouldn’t have it any other way, I recall getting a displeased look from his wife at breakfast. I have become familiar with those looks over the years. Loading the car (with more whiskey) before golf, Tony pointed to a section of the rose garden that had been destroyed. As folklore goes, the night before as I stumbled up the path, I fell not once but twice into the prized rose garden. People say you should take time to smell the roses … ok, not funny. Anyway, sorry Mrs Tusa.

One thing’s for sure, if you see the name Tony Tusa in your foursome, you can bank on a having a great round and probably a shot or two of whiskey. And yes, Tony, you are Go Golfing folklore and we’re so happy to call you family.

Peter McCarthy, Go Golfing Founder

PS. I have been back to Auckland many times, but no invite to stay, or visit!

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