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Taupo Destination Guide

Taupo Destination Guide

Located in the heart of New Zealand’s North Island, Taupo is the perfect destination where you can relax and indulge.


The town was created by a volcanic eruption almost 2,000 years ago that was said to have darkened the skies as far as Europe and China. Its fiery birth can still be seen today with its steaming craters, geysers and geothermal hot springs. This is a place unlike no other.


For travelling golfers, this is the place to be with world-class courses like Wairakei and Kinloch nearby – and plenty of activities for your non-golfing partner to keep them busy while you’re hacking away.


Discover why Taupo is a must-visit on your New Zealand golf holiday.



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Hear the roar and rumble of Huka Falls


Huka Falls is New Zealand’s most visited and photographed natural attraction. The roars and rumbling of the Falls are revered by every visitor who gets to see this stunning natural wonder.


The remarkable phenomena is the result of the waters of New Zealand’s longest river, the Waikato, being squeezed through a tight ravine of volcanic rock. This bursts almost 220,000 litres of water every second barrelling over an 11-metre-high waterfall – enough to fill an Olympic-size swimming pool in just 11 seconds.


You can hike the Spa Park to Huka Falls trail, which is an easy one hour walk that begins where the water is still and tranquil. You can also get a bus from Taupo to the footbridge overlooking the falls, or see the power and fury up close up aboard a river cruise.




Taupo is home to a spectacular collection of geothermal wonders. Feel the town’s energy first-hand soaking in its rejuvenating hot springs. There are plenty to warm up in from the old Orakei Korako pool to Taupo De Bretts Spa.


Non-golfers on our NZ North Island golf tour will get to experience the hot springs at Wairakei Terraces. This has been a place for healing and wellness for hundreds of years by Maori ancestors and is sure to leave you warm long after you have left the water.


And unlike other thermal pools in Taupo, Wairakei Terraces are adult-only allowing you to relax in peace and quiet.




There is so much to do on the lake, whether it be going for a kayak, enjoying a fun variety of water activities, having a crack at trout fishing or just sitting by the water taking in the sunset.


However, one of the unique highlights we recommend is taking a scenic cruise to the Western Bays of the lake to witness the significant Maori rock carving at Mine Bay.


The cultural attraction could be mistaken as an ancient Maori Village but was created in the late 1970s by master carver Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell. The carving represents Ngatoroirangi, a visionary Maori navigator who guided the first tribes to Taupo over a thousand years ago.





Dining in Taupo is absolutely divine. Whether you choose to stay indoors by a crackling fire or enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the stunning views across the lake, you’re in for an unrivalled experience.


From your hotel at the Hilton Lake Taupo, you are a scenic six-minute drive from the heart of the award-winning restaurants. Some of the top New Zealand fine dining experiences can be found at Plateau and the Vine Eatery and Bar.


Meanwhile, our guests have loved the Waterside restaurant, which boasts tasty meals overlooking the beautiful Lake Taupo. They have a superb variety of steaks, fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes, but be sure to try their ‘freakshakes’, they are an extravagant milkshake loaded with ice cream and unique toppings.


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