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The Most Addictive Golf Format in the World

Exciting Skins Golf Presentation

The Most Addictive Golf Format in the World

The innovative and entertaining skins presentation is played out on the big screen each night. With big prizes up for grabs, there is sure to be cheers and jeers.

Want to experience the thrills and spills of SKINS golf, join us in Hua Hin on March 21 – 26.

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From 1983 to 2008, the annual Skins Golf Match was played at the end of the PGA season. A TV ratings bonanza, this one round event pitted four of the world’s best golfers against each other for massive dollars.

In the Skins, players compete for a cash prize on every hole. This prize is the ‘skin’. The name is from a bag of money, or skin. The player with the lowest score on the hole, wins ‘the skin’.

If there is a tie, the prize jackpots to the next hole, with all players back in the hunt to win.



While million-dollar paydays happen for winners on the PGA tour every week now, the million-dollar purse was huge back in the 80s.

To put how much money was on the line when Palmer won $100,000 on the 12th hole of the first Skins game, consider that was more than twice what he’d won in any tournament. Later that day when Player won $150,000 after he converted a four-foot birdie putt on hole 17, that was more than he’d made in all but one of his years on the PGA Tour.

Of course, when there was a tie on a hole, the money jackpotted to the next hole. The 18th hole alone during that first Skins game was worth $200,000.

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In fact, it was the highest-rated televised golf tournament in 1986.

Yep, even higher than the Golden Bear winning his sixth green jacket that year at the Masters.



Now it’s your turn.

Okay, you might not be playing for a million dollars but we do have prizes up for grabs on every hole that you’d love to win, including cash.

And we’re not stumping up with prizes for one round, you’ll experience the drama and excitement for 3 rounds – that’s 54 holes.

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For the AMARI Hua Hin Skins, you will play as a team of two at 3 of Thailand’s top courses – Black Mountain, Banyan and Springfield.

Your stableford score on each hole will be added together to get your team total. If your combined score is the highest then you win the prizes on that hole. If there is a tie, the prizes jackpot to the next hole with all teams back in the hunt.



We guarantee the most excitement of any golf presentation. It all happens on a big screen, the top 10 team scores on each hole are displayed in ascending with a pause before the top team is displayed.


There is token applause if they win the skin… but raucous cheering if there is a tie as everyone knows the prizes jackpot to the next hole and they are back in the hunt to win.



Work out who you’d most like your partner to be. If you can’t find one, we’ll find one for you.


If you like the excitement of competition golf, it doesn’t get more exciting than SKINS golf.

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