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Planning a Great Holiday with Golf Tours

Planning a Great Holiday with Golf Tours

Golf tours can be the perfect golf travel package when you are looking to indulge in your golf passion and to enjoy new cultural experiences. Golf vacations to far-off places immerse you in the culture as you make the most of the golf, food and culture to the entertainment and landmarks. If you’re an enthusiast golfer then how much better can it get?

You can plan a golf trip yourself and exploring a destination on your own is always an option. Organised golf holiday tours offer many advantages, whether you are travelling alone or in a group. The problem is that doing that can be a lot of hassle and requires a lot of specific knowledge. In the end, you probably won’t get the same trip, because you won’t know about the same places, from lesser known but excellent golf courses to smaller but well located hotels and country homes.

It’s All Organised For You

You save time and energy that you would normally put into planning out your own golf tours in foreign destinations. Golf tours will ensure smooth teeing off every time while you are travelling. Golf logistics can be a challenge and the booking of golf courses not so evident. Golf tours solve all of that for you.

Then, there is the ultimate travel convenience: turnkey transportation. If you don’t enjoy driving on the wrong side of the road and getting lost exploring back roads, then there is something to be said for a very comfortable mini-bus taking you and your golf tour companions from course to course without a care in the world while sipping on refreshments.

When you are combining golf with other activities, as you are likely to do when visiting such golf travel hotspots such as New Zealand; South Africa; Spain and Portugal; China; Vietnam; or Thailand. In these places, distances are greater between things, arrangements more logistically difficult, good quality travel information harder to come by, and in some cases, personal safety more of an issue. Do you really want to try to make your own tee times at courses around Phuket and then figure out how to get to them?

Travel Safe, Travel Well

When many travellers first arrive at a new destination, it can be a little overwhelming for them.  This is particularly true for vacations overseas if you aren’t fluent in the local language. A guided golf tour provides a sense of comfort as golf rounds, transport, sightseeing and cultural experiences are all organised for you.

The Golf You Will Play

Not only will you play world renowned golf courses in spectacular settings, but you will also play our very own fun golf competition and have golf prizes for daily and overall winners. Our innovative scoring system will see your handicap fluctuate up and down on tour depending on how you are scoring. You will also participate in a randomly drawn team event where scores are combined. This is fun and keeps you on your toes.

The People You’ll Meet

Like minded golf travellers from all walks of life come on our escorted golf tours. Many great friendships are formed on tour. There is a mix of singles and couples, golfers and non-golfers and our tour guides are there to make you feel right at home from the moment you arrive. They know if you are travelling for the first time or whether you are a frequent traveller. No matter what, you’ll be made to feel special. Swinging your golf club on renowned golf courses in far off exotic locations with others inspires friendly banter and great camaraderie.

The Company Behind The Tour

Go Golfing has a proud 20 year history. We organise more golf tours, tournaments and holidays than any other golf company in the Pacific. It is in our DNA. This is what we do and we do it better than anyone else. Our commitment to our golfing community saw Go Golfing awarded Oceania’s Best Golf Tour Operator at the World Golf Awards in Portugal in 2014.

Looking to get started with an awesome golf travel package? Call Go Golfing Golf Tours today on +61 (7) 5508 2250 today.


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