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Packing for your Golf Holidays

Packing for your Golf Holidays

Packing properly can make or break your golf holidays. The obvious golf necessities — clubs, golf pullovers, pants and shorts — are easy to remember. It’s the little detail-oriented things that get forgotten.
They are those items that will ensure you have a comfortable and pleasant golf holidays. Pack light, but pack right.

Pack Light

Your checked baggage allowances are determined according to your itinerary and provided to you at the time of booking. Different baggage allowances may apply each time you check in your baggage. If you check in your baggage for a multiple sector journey, usually the baggage allowance of the most significant carrier in your itinerary will apply.

Internationally, Qantas and Emirates count golf bags and collapsible buggies as part of your checked baggage allowance as long as they weigh under 32kg. Domestically, when you fly within Australia, your golf clubs fly free when you book your flights with Go Golfing on Virgin Australia (Conditions apply).

Pack Clean

It’s amazing how fast junk can build up in the pockets of a golf bag: food wrappers, old score cards, nasty old gloves, junk balls. A golf holiday is a great excuse to spring clean your golf bag.

When you’re travelling overseas for a golf vacation, you need to be aware that you can get held up by customs or quarantine officers at your destination because you chunked your last seven-iron. Australian Customs, among others, prohibits the carriage of soil on the face of your clubs or the spikes of your golf shoes. Clean them to avoid a fuss.

Golf Clubs

Expect your golf bag to be thrown around in transit. You need a solid bag, a cover that clips to the top of it. Pick a golf bag that has inbuilt wheels for mobility around airports. Having head covers for your woods and hybrid is a smart idea, too. Try stuffing some clothing in between the clubs so that they don’t move around inside the bag and bump into each other.


Because our golf tour packages offer a mix of activities from the obvious golf, to sightseeing and cultural activities, make sure to bring comfortable walking/tennis shoes. You can solve both needs by wearing street golf shoes to the airport. That way you don’t need to pack a backup pair of golf shoes or that extra pair of walking shoes, either. Our trips always require dress shoes for dinners at nice restaurants.

It is also nice to keep a pair of comfortable flip-flops permanently in your golf travel bag. They’re always ready for a sandy beach or an indoor pool.

As mentioned previously, make sure you clean your golf shoes before flying internationally.

Golf Essentials

Before a golf trip, take stock of how many golf balls you have in your bag. Not taking enough balls, gloves, tees, insect repellent, etc. — the essentials golfers should never be without — is like giving away money on a golf holiday trip.

Before travelling, empty your bag and add a fresh glove, a set of 24 quality balls (ones that will help give you control around the green), a fresh towel for cleaning your sticks, a light jacket and sunscreen.


Weather can change in an instant, especially in coastal or mountainous golf destinations. Bring the rain gear, umbrella and rain gloves every time, even if the forecast indicates otherwise. You’ll thank us later. On the other hand, always keep sunscreen and sports sunglasses in your travel backpack.


If you’re on a marathon golf binge and some of our golf tours are, you’ll need to look after those aching golf muscles and feet, so make sure you bring some Ibuprofen or Advil. Allergies can flare up when you find yourself in new places so some Clarityne, Telfast or Zyrtec should be added to the list, just in case.


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