For Immediate Release

Gold Coast, QLD, April 1 2016

The Supreme Court of Australia will today hand down a landmark decision permitting golf clubs to issue fines and suspensions for Slow Play Golfers.

From April 1, golf clubs will be empowered to issue members with fines up to $5,000 and suspensions up to 12 months for violating the club’s speed of play policy.

In an effort to increase golf’s popularity and accessibility across the nation, 18-hole golf rounds will now be limited to just 4 hours. Michael Jest, spokesperson for Australian Golf Managers, has welcomed the Supreme Court decision. “This is a great result for everyone in the golf industry. 107% of golfers ranked slow play as the least enjoyed aspect of club membership. Clubs have tried countless measures to address pace of play. This decision now gives clubs the legal clout required to stamp out slow play.”

Alan Senior of the Junior Golfers Association has no doubt the decision will make golf more attractive to juniors and keep them in the game. “We need to make golf more appealing younger players and limiting rounds to 4 hours is certainly a step in the right direction.”

Any player taking more than 4 hours will be automatically fined $100. The $5,000 maximum penalty applies to rounds of more than 6 hours. $50 on the spot fines can also be issued to golfers who slow the field because of overestimating the distance they can hit or taking more than 60 seconds to putt.

It seems Golf is moving quickly down the fairway to increase its popularity and enjoyment.

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