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Short of actually flying first class, nothing elevates an international trip like spending that dreaded airport wait time in a lounge. Whether it’s the free cocktails, wifi, showers or just a quiet place to sit, airport lounges make travel better. Enter Lounge Buddy, an app which hooks users up with one-off access to lounges in their current airport without the hassle or guesswork.

Even if you have frequent flyer elite status with a couple of airlines, or credit cards and club memberships, you may want the flexibility to make alternative choices when you transit. For you can spend a lot of time just trying to find specific lounges in the first place. Or you’ll find that the lounge you are meant to go to is a 30-minute walk on the other side of the terminal.

Lounge Buddy acts as your airport guru. Using your location and saved information, the app gives you a list of lounges in your airport available for paid entry, what you can expect when you get inside. You can plan ahead and book available lounges through the app in advance, or risk it and take advantage of discount “last minute” pricing, when available. The app seems to use smart demand technology to negotiate lower fees than the standard “walk-up” price, plus no one likes the chance of being turned away. With flight delays up, this app seems poised to bring weary travelers in from the cold.

It doesn’t matter what airline you are flying. There are no membership fees, no guest fees, no elite requirements, just one off clean cut access to the good stuff.


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