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How To Spend 3 Days In Santorini

How To Spend 3 Days In Santorini

Welcome to Santorini!


I am Nathan from Go Golfing’s marketing team. In August, I spent some time touring the beautiful Greek island and I’m here to give you a bit of insight of how to spend 3 days in Santorini.


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Located in the middle of the island, Fira is the capital of the Santorini and is bustling with activity. Here you will find many cafes, restaurants, bars, shops and most importantly, the BEST views of the islands.


In terms of my favourite places I visited in Fira, I have a few.


If you are looking for the best cocktail on the island you can’t go past PK Cocktail Bar. It has been run by the same family for 43 years and offers the most stunning views of the caldera.


As for a restaurant, I tried out Fanari restaurant. One thing you can’t go wrong with is finding a place to eat with a view, but Fanari is pretty special. Book for around 6:30-7pm and you will be tasting the very best of Greece as the sun sets before you.


If you are feeling a bit homesick, walk into the Tropical Bar. They are the only place to stock Victoria Bitter, pump out Aussie classics and play NRL and AFL games LIVE.



Oia is an awe-inspiring, picturesque village that has charming narrow streets and blue-domed churches. It really is a postcard-worthy destination.


However, it would be silly for me not to mention the spectacular sunset in Oia. It really is a sight to behold, the sun’s beautiful colours in the sky, the boats that gather together in the sea and below is the beautiful port of Ammoudi.


Ammoudi Bay is one of the island’s hidden gems. It is known for its lovely seafood restaurants which are dug into red volcanic rock creating a brilliant and unique display of colour.


I recommend dropping by Katinha’s Fish Tavern. You can’t miss it with its yellow-painted exterior and bright orange chairs it really stands out. The seafood is caught fresh and your waiter will invite you into the kitchen to pick the fish or lobster you would like to eat!



If you are looking to explore and really uncover the island of Santorini, I recommend spending half a day on a catamaran.


I used Sunset Oia to catamaran through the caldera and see the incredible Red and White Beaches of Santorini. It was a lovely 4 hour cruise and allowed me to see the island from a different perspective.


Our first stop was at the Hot Springs. Warning these springs are not that hot. You probably won’t feel much of a difference as you swim out but it was pretty cool swimming in the yellow waters.


From there we went along the south side of the island past the ancient lighthouse of Akrotiri and the incredible caves around Indian Rock.


We then went from a swim and snorkel at White Beach. The waters were remarkably clear and you didn’t even need snorkelling gear to see around.


The Red Beach was definitely my favourite. Words can’t really describe it. It is such an incredible and rare sight. The red of the hills are so captivating and the scenery is wild.


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