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The Ins And Outs To Picking A Cruise Cabin

The Ins And Outs To Picking A Cruise Cabin

If you’ve ever thought of going on a fully escorted golf cruise, check out these tips on how to pick a cruise cabin that’s perfect for you.

Usually, we’re drawn to all of the great choices that cruises offer… different entertainment, restaurants and activities are plentiful. But picking a cruise cabin (or stateroom) to the uninitiated can sometimes get overwhelming.

You see, there are many different types or ‘categories’ of cabins on each ship. Most cruise lines have so many to choose from, they’ll make your head spin.

Try to remember that essentially, there are just four main types of cabins. Here’s a quick guide to help you pick what’s best for you:

A Suite

Just like the name says, these cabins are ‘Sweet’. These have a much larger square footage and often come with a cherry on top like extra amenities. They can have separate bedrooms and living areas with a balcony that always boasts a fabulous view. If you’re looking to travel in true style- this is the way to do it. But before you say ‘sign me up!’, just remember these rooms will usually be some of the priciest on the ship.


A Balcony Cabin

Can you picture yourself sitting atop your private balcony as you watch the sunset? Well, with these cabins – you can! These cabins will be a smaller than a suite but a little bigger than the other Oceanview or Inside cabins.


An Oceanview Cabin

These will have a ‘picture window’. But, don’t be fooled into thinking that all ocean view cabins have clear, sweeping vistas. Some will have obstructed views with at- sea necessities like life boats in front of them. So, if you’re looking for that sweeping vista, be sure to choose a cabin that states ‘Unobstructed View’.


An Inside Cabin

An inside cabin will often be a little smaller or roughly the same square footage as an outside cabin. The difference is, these cabins have no outside window with no natural light. This means they’ll usually be the cheapest cabin type.

Insider tip: If you find yourself in a cabin with no window, pop your T.V. to the outdoor video feed. This will add a little extra light and you’ll always know what the weather’s like.


Consider Location, Location, Location!

We’re not talking location of your next holiday, we’re talking cabin location. As they say in real estate – it’s everything!

Now that you know what type of cabin you’re after, choosing the right location is the next step toward picking the perfect cruise cabin for you. The best spot for you, will differ depending on what you’re looking for on the ship. Forward, Aft or  Mid Ship, where do you want to be?


Struggle with seasickness?

Choose a cabin that’s on a lower deck and mid-ship position. You’ll feel less sway here and hopefully be able to rid those travel sick wrist bands!


Ready for relaxation, peace, and quiet?

Consider the ship level when picking a cruise cabin. While the top floor may seem very appealing, it’s often the noisiest. Usually located just below the pool deck, these cabins can often echo the sounds of those cruisers using the pool above. Try to find something that has one or two cabins in between you and any noise that could keep you up late / wake you up early!


Want to be close to the action?

Check out your cruise ship and consider if there’s anything you’d really like to be near (or far away from!). Feeling a little less mobile than you once did? Try to find a cabin nice and close to the elevators.



Don’t let the multitude of choices wear you down. Enjoy having the luxury of choosing exactly what you’re looking for when picking a cruise cabin. Having the perfect cabin type and location for you, will make your next cruisey getaway that much more enjoyable.



Cruise Terminology Unveiled:

Stateroom – Cabin     |     Aft Postion – Back of ship     |     Forward Position – Front of ship


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