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How to secure a tee time at the Old Course

St Andrews

How to secure a tee time at the Old Course

There is something quite awe-inspiring about the Old Course, St Andrews. It is the world’s most famous links course and it is said it was where golf started. Each year, golfers gather from all corners of the globe to visit the east coast of Scotland in search of a round on the Old Course. It goes without saying that you should play the Old Course at least once, preferably multiple times. Here is all you need to know about playing the Old Course St Andrews…


Teeing-off at the Old Course

Arguably the holy grail of golf courses, it is no wonder the Old Course at St Andrews is in high demand by golfers. There are many ways to get a tee time, however, each of them varies in price. You could fork out for a guaranteed tee time or opt to save money and register for the daily ballot. It is best to ask yourself these questions before coming to a decision: Is playing at Old Course on your bucket list and not sure if you will ever come back to Scotland? If yes, we recommend the guaranteed tee time option.


Guaranteed tee time

To secure this, you need to send an application to St Andrews Golf Club well in advance; more specifically between late-August and mid-September.


Daily ballot

Alternatively, if you are staying in St Andrews for a while or don’t want to pay for a guaranteed tee time, we recommend you try your luck and enrol into the Old Course ballot. You need a minimum of 2 golfers and a maximum of 4 to be eligible. Submit your entry online, in person or by phone before 2 pm each day (except Friday as the course is closed Sunday) and check the ballot results at 4:30 pm the same day to see if you have a tee time. If you are fortunate to be selected, you will be booked in to play the course 2 days after the results.


Just turn up

If all else fails and you are still keen, there is another – though more desperate – option to try. You need to be an early riser and very patient as you need to check-in at the Old Pavilion on the day of play as a single to potentially join a two or three-ball group playing the course. There are absolutely no guarantees, but hey it’s worth a shot…


Celebrate your round at the world-famous 19th hole

Only in Scotland can you experience the world’s greatest 19th hole – the Jigger Inn. The word ‘jigger’ itself has multiple meanings, including “an obsolete golf club that was a very low lofted iron with a shortened shaft” and “a tool for measuring alcoholic beverages” – which sums up the watering hole to a “tee”.


Here you can reflect on the highs and lows of your round sipping on a pint of the world-famous Jigger Ale whilst absorbing golf history through the memorabilia which occupies the pub’s walls. The Inn and its stunning beer garden make for an amazing vantage point to watch golfers make their way to the 17th and enjoy each other’s company as the sun sets.


Scotland touring

Go Golfing’s golf tour to Scotland is your chance to follow in the footsteps of the greats. We’ll arrange for all golfers to go into the daily ballot. For those of you looking for a GUARANTEED round on the Old Course, we’ve got 8 spots up for grab. We’ve got you covered!



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