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Hobart Destination Guide

Hobart Destination Guide

For years, Hobart has been seen as a quiet, sleepy town, however, in the last decade, the second oldest capital in Australia has awoken from its slumber.


A town that has always possessed charming heritage, breathtaking scenery and incredible culture has now been able to utilise these assets to fully transform into a tourist hotspot.


In 2013, Hobart began to appear on every international travellers’ radar when it was named in Lonely Planet’s top 10 cities to visit in the world. Since then, tourism is booming and there is no better time to visit.



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Take a wander through Battery Point


Only 5 minutes drive from your hotel is the stunning suburb of Battery Point. Once an old maritime village, it is now a historical residential area showcasing the beautiful and colourful Victorian cottages that date back to its settlement in 1804.


Hampden Road is a great start point where you can fuel up from your choice of a number of incredible cafes. We suggest you try out Jackman and McRoss, known to have the best pastries in the state.


Walk down the road a little further and you’ll cut into Arthur Circus where you can sit on the park bench and take in the wonderful frontages with Mount Wellington in the backdrop.


Finish by following the narrow, cobblestone steps down to Salamanca Place which consists of an endless row of sandstone buildings. On Saturdays, this precinct is buzzing with the famous Salamanca markets.



Battery Point Hobart

Hampden Road is blessed with a row of gorgeous cottages with Mt Wellington in the backdrop


Enjoy a day at MONA


Mona: a museum, or something. In Tasmania, or somewhere. Catch the ferry. Drink beer. Eat cheese. Talk crap about art. You’ll love it.


That’s how the Museum of Old and New Art define themselves. It almost completely undersells the out-of-this-world modern art experience it offers.


MONA is Australia’s largest privately-owned museum showcasing contemporary and provocative art in galleries carved out of the sandstone cliffs it is set in.


Better still you don’t have to be an aesthete to enjoy this place. They have a delicious onsite restaurant (Source), it’s own cellar door (Moorilla) and even brews its own beers (Moo Brew). It has to be on your itinerary when you’re here!



MONA art gallery

An art gallery, restaurant, winery and brewery – MONA’s got it all!




Just 90 minutes from your hotel is Port Arthur, one of the most significant heritage sites in Australia. We’ll visit this listed UNESCO World Heritage site while on tour.


From the moment you enter Port Arthur’s Historic Site, you will soon realise this is a special place. It the best-preserved convict site in the country, so much so you can literally hear the walls talk about its rich history and cultural legacy.


These stories are so compelling, you’ll want to hear them again and again.


Port Arthur Historic Site

Port Arthur is the best-preserved convict site in Australia





Anyone for fish and chips


Only a 10-minute walk from your hotel is the historic Sullivan’s Cove. It was the original landing point for Lieutenant Governor David Collins when he founded Hobart back in 1804.


Nowadays it is home to world-class restaurants and humble takeaway shops selling the freshest seafood the state offers. Its wharf invites you to plonk yourself down and bite into some fish and chips looking out over the stunning River Derwent.


It is also the finish line for the famous Sydney-Hobart Yacht race. Non-golfers will get to know Sullivan’s Cove on their Hobart city tour while the golfers hack it on the course.





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