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Have You Played the Pines at Sanctuary Cove?


Have You Played the Pines at Sanctuary Cove?

Most golfers have played golf on the Gold Coast. But most haven’t played The Pines at Sanctuary Cove. Why? Because Sanctuary Cove has strictly adhered to a ‘members only’ policy – making it among Australia’s most private and exclusive courses.

Go Golfing’s Sanctuary Cove 4 Ball Challenge (15-20 July) remains one of the very few opportunities for golfers to play The Pines at Sanctuary Cove. In fact, the four-round tournament includes 2 rounds on The Pines as well as 2 rounds on The Palms – both at Sanctuary Cove.

Passing through the security gates, the courses are surrounded by million dollar homes. Ever since Frank Sinatra opened Sanctuary Cove in 1988, it’s been a playground for the rich and famous and a retirement destination for those who made it.

Golfers joining this tournament will experience the decadent lifestyle, albeit for a week. Staying at the 5-star InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort, sip champagne from your verandah overlooking the massive man-made swimming lagoon and the super yachts and cruisers neatly arranged at the Marina. There’s a row of world-class restaurants and a pub for the yachties.

People watching is a favourite past-time. Eccentric fashion, the gold shoe brigade with matching handbags. Their stylist has groomed their hair to match their poodle (ok, I took that too far but you know what I mean). They get around in golf carts with air-con, wooden dash and leather seats. The mantra here is there’s no point having money if you don’t show it off.

Better still Go Golfing have negotiated a deal that gives you the lifestyle of the rich and the famous and an awesome tournament holiday experience without the price tag. Check out the luxurious package for much less than you might expect.

Quick, register for Go Golfing’s Sanctuary Cove 4 Ball Challenge (15-20 July) today before it sells out. This tournament is strictly limited to a field of 100 players.

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