Golf Cruise – A Winning Combination

Golf Cruise – A Winning Combination

With Australians on the precipice of overtaking Americans as the world’s biggest cruisers and onboard safety at an all-time high, we’re expanding Go Golfing’s ‘Golf Cruise’ destinations.

Unpack once and wake up somewhere new and exciting each day. All your meals included at a choice of restaurants, unlimited drinks and cocktails, a cavalcade of entertainment and live shows to choose from, could holidays get any better than this.

Well, if playing the most exclusive golf clubs, country clubs and top-ranking golf resorts excites you, then you best take a look at where our golf cruises can take you.

Better still, cruising with a group has a whole set of advantages and privileges as well as the friendship, fun and camaraderie our tours are renown for.




Your health and safety is our primary concern when planning all golf tours. As Covid travel restrictions have eased, we’ve monitored the health concerns around cruising. In short, the cruise industry introduced wide ranging health measures and protocols, particularly around sanitisation, public places, food service and staff training, to deliver a more hygienic cruise experiences for guests and staff.

And it’s achieving the desired results. Visits to doctor’s onboard cruise ships are down an alarming 11% on pre Covid levels.

So, where’s the best destination for a golf cruise?