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Golf Caddie: Top Tips For Maximum Enjoyment

Golf Caddie: Top Tips For Maximum Enjoyment

Our tours to exotic destinations such as Vietnam and India will see you tee off in luxury with carts and caddies included at most courses to really add wow factor to your experience. With highly skilled local caddies, you may never read a green the same way.

Our tournaments in Thailand and Vietnam offer the trappings of a professional tournament. Every player gets their own caddie. This is a real treat.

Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time playing with a caddie, you’ll have a much better experience if you follow these simple tips:


1. Listen To Your Caddie

Caddies are in the know. They know the lay of the land and will be an invaluable asset if you’re able to tap into their local knowledge bank. Caddies will come in handy on that seemingly formidable blind hole or tricky par 3! They’ll also be ready with info on distances, best landing areas, club selection, line of putts and direction of play.


2. Enjoy The Moment

While it’s great to have a little extra help on the course, some golfers feel under pressure when they have a caddie by their side. We get it, it can be nerve-wracking having to tee off under the watchful eye of your caddie. But they won’t judge. Trust us when we say, they’ve seen it all. They just want to make sure you have the best day. So, just relax and get swinging.


3. Make The Most Of It

You’re about to spend 18 holes of golf with your caddie so being friendly will certainly make the day more enjoyable, for both of you. Enjoy your caddie’s company and conversation. You might be surprised to find, they know just as much about the local area as they do the golf. These people are breaming with local knowledge, if you get to know them you’ll probably discover a lot more about the best local restaurants, history and traditions than you would have ever expected.


4. Make It Easy For Them Too

To make your caddie’s life a little easier, take anything that you don’t need out of the golf bag before you begin your round. Don’t really need those water balls? Take them out. And, forget what you’ve seen on tour, never drop your clubs on the ground for your caddie to pick up. No one likes a diva.


5. Know the Fees

Keep in mind, this is how your caddie makes a living, so know the fees and gratuity’s that are appropriate for the area and club. Be aware of what is usually expected as a tip for your new-found golf companion. You can usually adjust your payment to reflect the quality of service provided. If you play in one of our golf tournaments in Asia (refer below), caddies are part of the experience and fees are included in the tournaments packages.


Golf Tours where caddies will add to the experience:


Golf Tournaments where you’ll have your own caddie:


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