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Golf – A Game of Integrity

Golf – A Game of Integrity

P.G. Wodehouse wrote that the best way to discover a man’s character is to play golf with him. I agree with this statement, and part of why I love this game is because golf is a game of integrity. Sure, it’s a game of bravado at times, let’s be honest we have all fist pumped  like Tiger Woods after holing a 15-footer. But the most important aspects of the game is doing what is right and fair when no one is looking.

If you are looking for a wonderful week of golf shared with a community of golfers who respect the game then check out our calendar of tournaments in 2019.

2019 Tournaments:

June: Centara World Masters

July: Sanctuary Cove 4 Ball

August: Sanctuary Cove Veteran Championships

September: Vietnam World Masters

October: Gold Coast World Masters