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Will You Fit In at the Gold Coast World Masters?

Infographic Gold Coast World Masters Golf Tournament Profile

Will You Fit In at the Gold Coast World Masters?

At Go Golfing, we know how to organise big golf tournaments. We are very good at it. We are known for running tournaments like clockwork and the participants expect that from us. It’s a given. But is it the reason why so many come back year after year to the Gold Coast World Masters Golf Championship?

Or, is it because we give players an experience that they’ll remember forever? One that puts a smile on their face? A giggle in their throat? Or, is it because we create an environment where people feel comfortable connecting with others and they go home feeling they have enriched their circle of friends?

As one of our loyal clients, Julie Pingram, Derby WA, has said:

The Gold Coast Masters is the highlight of my golfing year.

We have a wonderful mix of people who come to the Gold Coast each year- all sharing the same passion that is golf. Here is how we make sure everyone feels welcome…

All Inclusive





Welcome to the Gold Coast World Masters Golf Championship: Open to Male & Females Club Golfers!

Singles, Couples & Groups

  • Singles

  • Couples

  • Groups

Much more than a golf tournament, there are lively social and entertainment events every night. We understand that it can be daunting for a single person to attend a golf tournament so we have developed a proven formula to make singles feel right at home the moment they arrive. Read more in the Q&A’s section of the Ladbrokes World Masters.

From 35 to Older


Youngest Player


Average Age


Oldest Player

As long as you turn 35 as at 23 October 2016 you can enter the 2016 Ladbrokes Gold Coast World Masters golf tournament. There are 15 divisions based on age and handicap and each day you will play with golfers your own age and standard.

Returning Players Welcome Newbies

Close to 37% of participants are newbies each year. We have dedicated hosts and golf managers who will make sure you are well looked after on and off the golf course. You’ll have the opportunity to start making friends at an exclusive social event dedicated to new entrants before the Welcome Dinner starts. Then, it is onto playing golf, 19th hole social nights and, before you know it, you’ll be surrounded by friendly faces.

Melbourne event veteran, Laurie Littman, looks forward to the Masters every year:

There are no strangers at the Masters, just friends you haven’t met yet. The 19th Hole events are always a lot of fun. You grab a beer and just start chatting, it’s great like that.

Golfers Welcome Non-Golfers





Non-golfers love to come along for a week’s long schedule of fun activities. They join in for the Outback Spectacular Dinner Show, the 19th holes, and the gala presentation dinner. Also exclusive to the non-golfers are a Royal High Tea in Springbrook, a Gold Coast cruise and lunch, and a shopping excursion to Harbour Town Shopping Centre.

Participants From Everywhere



New South Wales0

Northern Territory0

South Australia0


Victoria 0

Western Australia0

New Zealand 0


What Friendships Will You Make?

Reserve your spot this October on the Ladbrokes Gold Coast World Masters Golf Championship and start planning for a wonderful week of golf, fun, and friendship on the Gold Coast.



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