Go Golfing’s Marvel

Go Golfing’s Marvel

Meet Cloud: The Shining Star of Go Golfing! As a Host, Tournament Organiser, Operations Manager, HR Guru, and so much more, Cloud has been the silver lining through thick and thin. From blissful moments to challenging times best left behind, Cloud’s expertise shines bright. Whether it’s the craze of everyone wanting to be on a Go Golfing Trip or Tournament, Cloud’s brilliance knows no bounds. Go Golfing Extraordinaire, makes the way to unforgettable Golfing adventures and seamlessly orchestrated events.  Cloud is Go Golfing’s Silver lining.

In the realm of golfing dreams, there’s a shining star

With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin,

He turns golfing fantasies into a joyful spin.

No task too big, no detail too small,

Cloud’s got it covered, he does it all!

May the golfing adventures continue to unfold,

With Cloud’s magic touch, turning silver to gold.

Cheers to the one who makes Go Golfing shine,

Cloud, the extraordinary, a legend so fine!



Client Testimonials:

“Had a fabulous time. Everything was very organised, and already looking forward to doing it again. Hats off to Cloud as the tournament manager, to keep so many people happy is a challenge, but he did it with ease.”


“Go Golfing always give their guests a trouble free experience, they look after the smallest of details so we don’t have to worry about a single thing. Cloud as the event manager did a wonderful job, very professional and nothing is ever a problem. Thank you for a great trip.”


“Thanks to all who we met and enjoyed the week of golf and friendship, especially to Cloud and his team for making it all possible and the event ran so smoothly.”


“Many thanks to Cloud and the amazing team at Go Golfing that made Mandurah Masters very enjoyable. Things ran like clockwork and we are all always well-looked after. We had an amazing time and will be back!”