Go Golfing Tournament Update

Go Golfing Tournament Update

March 23 2020


The fluidity of the Coronavirus situation is ever changing. Governments the world over are introducing measures to reduce the rate of infection and protect their citizens. It’s been a challenging month at Go Golfing as we continue to revise plans for our scheduled events in accordance with the latest travel advisories.


For all of our tournaments we enter into contracts with all venues such as hotels and golf courses as well as other suppliers of goods and services. We ask for your patience while we work with all stakeholders to negotiate the best outcomes for our events and best options for you, our loyal clients. We’ll have answers to all of the questions about your event by the end of this week.


At the same time, as a business we have been fiscally responsible in protecting the funds paid by clients to us. We have reduced staffing levels to match the current needs of the business and have established new revenues outside of our core business.


We’ve been bringing golfers together for the best time of their life for 25 years. And, we’ll be here long after this Coronavirus runs it’s course. We look forward to hosting you at our tournaments as soon as we are in a position to do so.