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Go Golfing – Committed to Keeping You Covid-Safe

Go Golfing – Committed to Keeping You Covid-Safe

Travel has and always will be a personal choice. For those who desire travel, want new experiences, and like to build connection and friendship along the way, Go Golfing as a plan, a proven plan, to keep you safe.


The risk of getting Covid while traveling should be no greater than when you are going about your normal life at home. Really?


You see, every business and especially tourism operator has now had two years to prepare for your arrival and put measures, systems, procedures, and protocols in place to protect your well-being and significantly reduce your possible exposure to Covid.


Airlines, hotels, restaurants, buses, and every business in the tourism supply chain have Covid Safe and Covid Clean plans. Rigorous cleaning and sanitising protocols have to be followed all day, every day. It’s non-negotiable.


At Go Golfing, the safety and well-being of our clients have always come first. Our response to Covid has reaffirmed this commitment.


We’re taking no chances. Our Covid Safe plans go far beyond government and industry regulations. We ensure all of our accommodations, golf courses, attractions, restaurants, and venues have ‘best practice’ Covid Safe plans. We’ve significantly reduced contact points at all venues. There’s no need to go to the hotel reception, even to check in or check out. We’ve arranged private transfers, exclusive use of venues, sectioned areas for meals.


We develop a Covid Safe Plan for every destination we visit. RAT testing kits, location of PCR testing, and medical facilities are known in advance as well as documented support for our clients in the unlikely event someone contracts Covid while on tour. This support is better than you’d expect from family and continues until we’ve got you home.


Our hosts have had formal training on Covid policies and procedures and daily checks with all suppliers. Social distancing as well as masks when required and sanitiser is supplied.


Go Golfing has hosted 5 tours already in 2022. At a time when Omicron numbers peaked, we’ve had zero cases on our tours. We’re proud of that record and remain vigilant in caring for our clients.


Check out photos from our recent tours on our Facebook Page!


Got any questions about our Covid Safe plans call Go Golfing on 07 5508 2250 or call Peter McCarthy on 0411 262 277.

The winning Red Team at the 2022 Barnbougle 4 Ball (Jan)

The Go Golfing Team at thew 2022 King Island Cup (Jan)

The Go Golfing Team at the 2022 GG vs The Nationals (Feb)

The Go Golfing Group at the 2022 Australian Open Tennis & Golf tour (Feb)

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