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Go Golfing’s Response to the Bushfires

Go Golfing’s Response to the Bushfires

It’s been heart wrenching to see the devastation of the bushfires. Lives, homes, businesses and our precious wildlife have all been lost on a scale that is hard to imagine.


At Go Golfing we’ve been touched by so many of our international partners checking in on us and sending their love. While we now run tournaments and tours all over the world, this business was founded in this country we are proud to call home.


We’re Inspired to HELP


Right now, relief organisations are asking for immediate assistance with cash donations. We’ve donated 10% of our Go Golfing Christmas gift card sales. We’re banding together with our loyal clients at our tournament this week at Barnbougle Dunes to raise more funds. We’ve donated a bunch of golf travel holidays to help fundraising initiatives at golf clubs.


Eventually the fire season will come to an end … hopefully soon. In our fast-paced world, the bushfires, devastation, heroics firefighters will leave the news headlines. Throughout the fires the Aussie spirit has shone through. That same spirit will help these people and communities rebuild.


The scarring of the landscape will be clear, but at Go Golfing we are genuinely concerned with the emotional scarring to people and these fire ravaged communities. Depression, loneliness, helplessness is real and at Go Golfing we’ve been challenging ourselves as to how else we can help.


So we are working on ways to encourage golfers to visit these communities. We’ll be doing features on these communities, their tourism assets and festivals, and of course their golf courses. We’ll also host events, suggest holiday trails and other packages with all proceeds to help these communities.


We’d love you to join us and together we can not only help these communities to rebuild, but we can help rebuild their hearts, minds and souls. And it’ll feel good and we’ll have fun doing it . . . I promise.

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