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Why Start a Golf Tour in Paris?

Why Start a Golf Tour in Paris?

Because Paris is your gateway to a little known secret within select golfing circles. This France golf tour will see play at one of the most exclusive golf clubs, in one of the most sought after locales in the world. The club vehemently guards its privacy and non-members only rarely make it past the front gates. Yet, it awaits you…

And, because it is the perfect introduction to playing golf in France, for it is more than a sport; it’s a way of life where you mix the finest pleasures of life with golf. 

Most people dream about visiting Paris and it conjures up a myriad of images in our minds. Paris is for some a once in a lifetime dream. For others it is an addiction, for Paris is intoxicating.

And, there is something magical and romantic about Paris. Is it the glamour of museums, the cafés, the amazing food, the stylish people, the cobbled streets, the quirky shops, the cute restaurants, the pristine gardens, the magic of the Parisian night, or that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ that exists?

It is a land where simple, everyday rituals can be transformed into unforgettable moments. I invite you to find out more…

This Is Where The Magic Begins

Paris grandeur is inspiring… It is omni-present. And it starts right here at the Edouard VII Hotel, where your France Italy sojourn commences. It offers a magical view over the Garnier Opera House where the fabled ‘phantom of the Opera’ hides in this opulent opera house.

This stylish boutique hotel housed in the historic Parisian home of Edward VII is located in an aristocratic area of Paris nearby the prestigious streets of Rue Saint-Honore and Rue du Faubourg St Honore. Those streets harbour an impressive number of Haute Couture boutiques and grand art galleries. Don’t be intimidated to go inside, you’ll be welcome to browse…

It's About Love

Paris makes you want to grab the person you love and have a long lingering kiss wherever you can – on a street corner, in a cafe, on the Metro or along the Seine River. It is romantic. It’s the place to fall in love for the first time or all over again.

And the Iconic Architecture
paris iconic architecture golf tour

There is something seductive about the Parisian rooftops, the curly wrought iron, the window boxes and that wonderful stone backdrop wherever you look. You’ll love the symmetry and open spaces, the wide boulevards and the quirky streets.

The Mesmerising Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower Paris Golf Tour

The Eiffel Tower inspires us to dance, jump and photograph ourselves in front of it. It inspires people to leave the other side of the world just to stand, sit or run beneath it.

That Sense of History
Joan of Arc Statue Paris Golf Tour

Paris is over 2000 years young. It is fascinating to hear the history that has unfolded here before. You cannot help but follow in the footsteps of some of the city’s innumerable famous writers, architects and revolutionaries. Hear the stories of France’s great queens and mistresses and plots to overthrow governments. There is nowhere you can stand where an event of significance has not taken place.

The Glorious Food
Paris Street Markets France Golf Tour

France culinary agenda is not to be missed: Indulging on warm croissants for breakfast, stopping off for lunch at a cozy neighborhood Parisian bistro, dining at triple Michelin- starred establishment, and shopping at colourful street markets are all part of the French way of life. Don’t resist! Embrace the Parisian lifestyle…

Paris is home to 66 Michelin star restaurants, so it is a foodie’s heaven. You’ll visit a Parisian private cave where a famous sommelier will take you through a wine ‘Tour de France’ and enjoy a harmony of French delicacies.

Paris at Night Scintillates
Paris Seine at Night France Golf Tour

Paris at night sparkles. There is no better way than to see it at night from a beautiful bateau mouche gliding along the Seine River where you can admire the splendour of its national treasures all lit up.

Paris at night is glamourous. Find out why princes and artists gathered in the French capital in search of fun. You just cannot leave without an unforgettable evening full of feathers, sequins, rhinestones at the Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge Paris France Golf Tour
Golf The Parisian Way
No.1 Continental Europe Golf Course Mortefontaine France Golf Tour

There is a hidden gem in the forest of Mortefontaine. This golf course was designed in the 19th century for the personal pleasure of the Duc de Guiche and his friends. After the duke died in the 60’s, the club became the property of its 450 members and remains to this day the most exclusive club in continental Europe. It is one of the oldest and finest golf club. It has been selected by Billionaire.com as one of the top 10 most exclusive clubs in the world. Golf Digest Magazine claims it is the best golf course outside of the US.