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Discover A Fairy Tale Wonderland In Cappadocia

Hot air balloon flying over Cappadocia Turkey

Discover A Fairy Tale Wonderland In Cappadocia

Cappadocia is something out of a fairy tale with a vast stone landscape of peaks and ravines. Discover a wonderland of oddly shaped rock formations rising out of the ground that will have you feeling like you’ve stepped onto a whole new planet. Add the colourful hot air balloons and ancient monk cave houses and Cappadocia is a truly unique destination for the travelling golfer to ignite your sense of wonder. Explore the treasures this captivating town has to offer…


Float Above The Landscape

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia is at the top of many people bucket lists – and it’s not hard to see why. In the early morning, the pastel sky is filled with colourful hot air balloons floating over the chiselled landscape. As the sun begins to rise, you’ll float to an altitude of about 300 metres for extraordinary 360-degree views of spectacular Cappadocia.

Nervous flyers can rest assured knowing that flight training in the area is one of the most extensive – in fact, it is five times longer – and the operators there have an excellent safety record.

Feel On Top Of The World At Uchisar Castle

Situated on the highest point of Cappadocia, Uchisar Castle stands magnificently above the valley. The multi-levelled castle is carved into the stone of the mountainous landscape and consists of many rooms connected with stairs, tunnels and passages. In the time of its inhabitance, Uchisar Castle was very effectively the main defence for Cappadocia and the perfect position to watch over the village below.

Today, its only residents are local pigeons, attracted to the white stone. Many of the accessible rooms are now used as pigeon houses for farmers to collect the birds’ droppings for use as fertiliser.

Hot air ballons over Love Valley near Goreme and Nevsehir in the center of Cappadocia, Turkey (region of Anatolia). This shot taken shortly after sunrise shooting into the sun. Sun flares visible.
Discover The Fairy Chimneys

Millions of years in the making, Cappadocia’s Fairy Chimneys are a most interesting sight. Stone pillars rise out of the rugged landscape topped with a pointed head, much like a mushroom. These wonderous formations can be as tall as 40 metres and are spread across Pasabag (Monks Valley).

Cappadocia stone dwelling carved into mountain at Goreme
Wander Through The Goreme Open Air Museum

Beyond the residential cave dwellings, the mountains of Cappadocia feature some interiors that are just as captivating as the quirky structure itself. These are the collection of churches, chapels and monasteries filled with Byzantine artistry hidden below the surface.

From simple red-ochre smears to full-colour biblical scenes by professional artists of centuries ago, there is much to explore beyond the rocky walls of Goreme. The open-air museum lets visitors walk the cobbled paths and explore the fascinating cluster of caves at their leisure and is a must-do when in Cappadocia.


Want to explore Cappadocia for yourself? 

Our fully escorted Greece and Turkey Tour offers a post-tour extension to fairy tale Cappadocia. Stay in a fascinating cave hotel for a luxurious three nights and discover the many wonders of Cappadocia including Uchisar Castle, Fairy Chimneys, Goreme Open Air Museum, Pigeon Valley and more. With a guaranteed departure, you can confidently jump aboard this magnificent tour.


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