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What We Get Up to On Our Egypt Golf Tour

Bill teeing off beside the Red Sea

What We Get Up to On Our Egypt Golf Tour

Bill and Margaret Weakley are two of our friends who have explored the world with us. Here they recount the long-lasting memories they had from their first tour with Go Golfing on our Egypt Golf Tour.


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Your email jogged my memory of the first tour we did with Go Golfing in 2007, which happened to be the first golf tour you took to Egypt. Our hosts were Terry and Mary and they provided an itinerary which has left us with life-long memories.


I will attach some photos, which if any other of the guests on that trip are still receiving your emails, they may be able to find themselves.


What was the best memory on the Egypt Golf Tour? How could one pick from the banquet provided.


From the first welcoming dinner with the allocation of teams, the Calcutta which raised 16,000 Egyptian pounds for charity, to the succession of historical sights which followed and the privilege of playing on the magnificent golf courses of Cairo and on the Red Sea.


The group at the Sphinx with the Great Pyramid in the back

The group at the Sphinx with the Great Pyramid of Giza in the backdrop


To stroll around the Ancient Pyramids and the Sphinx, (not allowed to climb all over it as many of the Australian troops did during WW1). To flying out to the Aswan High Dam, and travel by boat to the relocated Philae Temple, see the message said to be scratched on the Temple wall by Napolean’s army.


The boat trip down the Nile to Luxor, visit the wonderful Konah Temple there, the Valley of the Kings and the tombs of Ramesis I, III and IX.


The bus trip with escort of Egyptian Police with RK47 rifles to the magnificent Cascades Des Residence on The Red Sea and playing on the Cascades and El Gouna golf courses, both watered with desalinated water from the Red Sea.


Bill teeing off beside the Red Sea

Teeing off beside the Red Sea at Cascades des Residence


The flight back to Cairo and a visit to the amazing Cairo museum, with amongst thousands of exhibits, the collection from Tutankhamun’s tomb.


Cairo itself 17 million people and one set of traffic lights, utes travelling with 8 or 10 people in the back, buses with 2 or 3 people hanging out the door, 5 or 6 vehicles wide, travelling on a four lane road, but a city with no apparent drug or alcohol or violence on the streets after dark.


The visit to the Bedouin Tribe in the desert, how they and their flocks survive in a terrain which to our eyes had no sustenance available to man or beast.


The weaving of rugs of fine texture and design, with the aid of very young children helping on the loom. The generosity of providing a meal for our group, from their meagre resources.


On board the cruise along the Nile

On the rooftop of the cruise along the Nile


There are a couple of activities which come to mind from the Egypt Golf Tour.


When travelling on the boats on the Nile, they frequently tied up at wharves, 4 or 5 abreast. When you came to embark or disembark you may have had to pass through 2 or 3 other boats, some of which were very elaborately furnished.


On one occasion a couple (I think it may have been Terry and Mary) went to bed, scantily clothed and left the blinds and curtains open to the amazing view of a the Nile River by moonlight.


Imagine their surprise when they awoke in the morning to see a restaurant of people having their breakfast with excited faces looking into their bedroom.


Some of our fellow travellers found the scramble of local Egyptians trying to be their tour guide a bit overwhelming, others found it quite exciting.


On one occasion, when we disembarked at Luxor, there was the usual scramble of men and boys. After surveying the crowd, I chose a likely looking lad and asked him if he spoke English to which he replied effectively.


The obelisk in LuxorThe group walking through the Temple of Luxor


I said I would give him 10 Egyptian pounds if he would be our guide for the afternoon, to which he readily agreed, so long as I paid him in advance.


He asked where we wished to go first to which Margaret replied she would like to buy some perfume. He said, I will take you to my uncle. I said no, you will take us to a large and popular store, to which he agreed.


We had only proceeded a short distance when this police car appeared coming toward us on the road. I turned to our guide to ask him something and found he had just vanished.


Well we didn’t get much value for our 10 pounds I thought, but in a few minutes he reappeared and we proceeded on our way.


He was very obliging and waited a considerable time while we were shopping, and would have taken us to any of the many attractions of the city had we wished.


As we returned to the boat, he was accosted by this older person and some argument began with the older man also berating me.


I asked our guide, what was the problem, and he replied the older man was the head person in that area and he, the older person, was saying I should have paid the 10 pounds to him.


Katameya Heights Golf Course, Egypt

On one of the fairways at Katameya Heights Golf Club


I said to our guide, give me back the 10 pounds and much to my surprise he did. I gave the 10 pounds to the older man and asked him was he satisfied to which he agreed.


I then gave our guide 20 pounds to his extreme delight, and the consternation of the older man. We left them with our guide excitedly telling all and sundry, “ain’t he the man”.


All to quickly our 14 days on the Egypt Golf Tour were gone and we were on our way to Denmark to see our son and his family to round out what was some of the most wonderful weeks of our life.


Kind regards,

Bill and Margaret Weakley



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