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Club Golfers Go Bananas in the Apple Isle

Club Golfers Go Bananas in the Apple Isle

Tasmania may be well known as the Apple Isle, but it was Bananas in Pyjamas that stole the show during a fortnight of tournaments for club golfers in Tasmania in January. Allocating team colours was a new innovation for the Barnbougle Challenge and ‘yellow’ team members Jeff Canning and Bob Cameron from Sydney were a sensation coming dressed as B1 and B2 to the opening night dinner.


A capacity field of 88 golfers traveled to the seaside town of Bridport, in northern Tasmania, for the Barnbougle Golf Challenge. Reminiscent of the famed courses of Scotland and Ireland, Barnbougle Dunes and the neighbouring Lost Farm are ranked Australia’s top 2 public access courses and ensconced in the world’s top 100.

Playing as a team of 2, the unique competition format featured best ball, ambrose and aggregate events. Popular with couples, there were 3 mixed divisions as well as men’s and ladies divisions.

2015 Barnbougle Challenge Winners;

Charlie Lancey (WAGC, WA) Sue Lancey (WAGC, WA) 190.25
Bernard Dooney (Burleigh, QLD) Lyn Bansgrove (Burleigh, QLD) 190
Brian Tinker (Burleigh, QLD) Chrissie Tinker (Burleigh, QLD) 190.25
Scott Thiele (The Grange, SA) Belinda Singleton (The Grange, SA) 184.5
Romney Whitchurch (Beacon Hills, VIC) Lee Whitchurch (Beacon Hills, VIC) 191.75
Brian Macleod (WA Golf Club, WA) Thea Macleod (WA Golf Club, WA) 185.5
Donald Benson (Cromer, NSW) Arthur O’Shea (Royal Queensland, QLD) 187.5
Jeff Canning (The Springs, NSW) Bob Cameron (Mollymook, NSW) 183
Gwen Clutterbuck (Oxley, QLD) Jenny Brooks (Latrobe, VIC) 182.25
Wendy Hocking (Westward Ho, SA) Sandy Faithfull (Westward Ho, SA) 174

To add to the fun, players were also drawn into bigger teams of 10 to 12 players. Players came dressed in their team colour to the welcome dinner. The enthusiasm and creativity in the costumes set the tone for great fun. Theme songs, poems and jokes based around team colours evolved and were rehearsed for a final night performance.

Jenny Brooks from Latrobe in Melbourne combined with Gwen Clutterbuck from Oxley to win the ladies division and really enjoyed both courses. “We loved discovering these courses that were like nothing else we have ever played. The combination of rolling farm land, sand dunes and natural waterways make every hole unique. You feel like you are the only players on course.”

“The hilltop restaurant overlooking the course and Bass Strait is stunning and the rooms were luxurious.”

Romney and Lee Whitchurch from Beacon Hills in Victoria were part of the winning ‘Blue’ team. “We named ourselves the Barbougle Blues and doctored Carlton footy club’s theme song for our final night performance. Let’s just say we had better timing on the golf course.”

The Barnbougle 4 Ball Challenge runs 5 to 11 January 2020


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