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Guess Who You’ll Meet on Go Golfing Tours?

Guess Who You’ll Meet on Go Golfing Tours?

Well, it’s anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for sure, you’ll have fun with them, find best friends and some will even fall in love. You’re probably thinking “yeh right…”

Well here’s how it happens!


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Get to know, Before You Go

Get to know who you’re travelling with on your phone via the Trip Plans App!

You know the Go Golfing itinerary – where you’ll play, where you’ll stay and what you’ll see.

What you don’t know is who else you will be sharing these experiences with on your Go Golfing adventure.

Well, that’s not entirely true. About a month before you travel, you’ll receive a classy tour handbook with valued information, sage advice, hints, and tips about the country you are travelling to.

There is also a participant profile section on all the people you are travelling with. Here fellow travellers share a little about themselves, their golfing achievements, embarrassments, their likes & interests.

You can see what you have in common with other travellers, whether it be scoring a hole-in-one on the same course or both “accidentally” running your buggies into lakes, all the way to sharing the same hobbies.

It’s compelling reading and the feeling of knowing everyone before you even take off is like you’ll be travelling with friends you haven’t met yet. Now that’s nice and comfortable.

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Here’s what happens when you meet these people


Ladies from the 2018 Spain & Portugal Golf Tour catching for a round

You meet people and couples that you like from the get-go – there’s an instant bond. Before the trip is over you’ve already made plans to visit each other and play each other’s courses.

For instance, following our 2018 Spain & Portugal Golf Tour, we had Ann Webber (Ganmain, NSW), Judy Langford (Wodonga, VIC), Judy Voce (Greenacres, VIC) and Carol Burgess (Bright, VIC) catch up 6 months after the tour for a round at Howlong Golf Club.

Meanwhile, the boys Steve Webber (Ganmain, NSW) and Rick Voce (Harp, VIC) were challenging each other over at Wodonga Golf Club.

There are plenty of ways to stay in touch post tour. Join the tour’s private Facebook group where you’ll be able to post messages that only people in the group can see. If Facebook isn’t your scene that’s okay, we’ll provide you with everyone’s email list in your post-tour pack.

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BFFs – Best Friends Forever

Rod Bright (NZ) and Dudley Hobb’s (QLD) 10-year long friendship summed up

You will meet some awesome people on our tours, but there will be a few you really click with.

The ones that you feel comfortable with and who will make you think – “I can share a room with you for a few weeks without pulling my hair out.”

Take, for example, Lyn Parkes (Castle Hill, NSW) and Di Milnes (Werribee Park, VIC). None of them live in the same state, but that hasn’t stopped them from room sharing and travelling together. Since 2017, they have joined us in Margaret River, New Zealand, India, South America and next year will be living it up in Greece & Turkey!

And fellas, don’t think it’s just the ladies who find their spark. Rod Bright (Rotorua, NZ) & Dudley Hobbs (Noosaville, QLD) first toured together in Go Golfing’s 2009 South America Golf Tour. Fast forward a decade and the two are still room sharing, having last booked on our 2019 Bavaria Golf Tour.

It’s nicer to share with a friend – plus you split the room cost!

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Fall in Love

Merv & Lesley Tappenden

Merv & Lesley Tappenden first met on our 2015 NZ South Island Golf Tour


No, we aren’t talking about that warm feeling you feel with your tour host. We are talking about the  ‘I will get down on one knee – if I can manage’ – sort of feeling.

It does happen, more often than you might think. In fact, we have a better love matching strike rate than the Bachelor & Bachelorette!

Funnily enough most of our star-crossed lovers don’t usually live in the same state, some not even in the same country!

Just a few that come to mind are Terry Kneipp (Tenterfield, NSW) and Sherry Smith (Headland, QLD), Merv (Spring Valley, VIC) & Lesley Tappenden (Tamborine Mountain, QLD) and in tournaments, Kristin Griffiths (NZ) and Kevin MacDougal (Woolooware, NSW).

They found their happily ever after travelling with Go Golfing.

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So, next time you get excited while reading a Go Golfing itinerary, just know you’re not on your own.

There’s an eclectic group of fun-loving golf travellers who can’t wait to share all these wonderful experiences with you.

And here’s a warning we found in one of our participant profiles touring South America this year with us:

“Beware if this is your first trip. Go Golfing is addictive.”


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If you’ve never travelled with Go Golfing, it’s time you got off the sidelines and into the game. You’ll be glad you did. Just ask the 136,00 golfers we’ve looked after in the last 24 years – surely that many people couldn’t be wrong!

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