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China Q&A with Mark Watler

Mark Watler at Spring City Golf Resort 2018

China Q&A with Mark Watler

Mark Watler has been to some amazing destinations with Go Golfing, playing golf and seeing the sights. One of the tours Mark has been on is our Tale of 3 Cities China Golf Tour in 2018, in fact he’s been twice! Read our Q&A session with him to see through a client’s perspective about their experiences in China.


Q: Would you have travelled to China on your own?

I think the language barrier is the major problem, although many major hotels and tour areas speak some English. All our tour guides were fluent in English. I recommend anyone travelling to learn some very basic polite phrases.

Q: Why did you choose to travel with Go Golfing?

Mainly because of the great level of organisation. I have been on several Go Golfing overseas holidays and have always found the tour leaders helpful and if anything goes wrong they do their best to fix it.

For example, when the bus broke down in China, Wally was very good at making sure that everyone was safe and gave everyone the information that we needed.

Q: Did you know much about Golfing in China before your departure?

I didn’t have much of an idea about golf in China until the brochures were published. That sort of informed me of the quality of golf courses we were going to play and I wasn’t disappointed.

I rate golf courses on the number of photos I take. At Kunming resort where we stayed for five days I took about 50 photos, they were very challenging and picturesque golf courses and were rated the top two golf courses in the region.

Q: Aside from the courses, what were the highlights of your China Golf Tour?

The Terracotta Warriors were spectacular, that is the second time I have seen them and I am still amazed by them. The amount that people have uncovered and what is still underground it is just incredible.

Another highlight for me was the tour of the Panda Sanctuary. That experience was awesome and well worth the trip.

Q: What surprised you the most about China?

The cleanliness of the place. Even though they say it was supposedly smoggy… Really it wasn’t.

The transport system there is so easy because you have got nice efficient roads. The very fast inter-city trains were fantastic travelling up to 400 km/hour, a very comfortable and inexpensive way to go.

Q: What would you recommend to people who are going to China?

Make sure you extend your stay. Go to the pre-tour and the post-tour. Make sure you do Beijing and Shanghai, and the pandas, and the Great Wall – they are spectacular in their own right.


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