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Are You Ready For the Best Golf Week of Your Life?

Participants at Top Golf

Are You Ready For the Best Golf Week of Your Life?

Imagine the excitement as you stand on the first tee, hairs standing up on the back of your neck, knowing that for club golfers and weekend warriors just like you, this is your chance to become a World Champion.

It is this excitement, this roller-coaster of skill and nerves that will draw 400+ golfers from 140+ clubs all over the world to the Gold Coast for what many describe as the ultimate week of golf for club golfers – the Gold Coast World Masters.


“It’s nice to be treated like a big-name pro, even if it’s just for a week.”



At this tournament, the players are the stars. Your golf bags are carried for you, you are chauffeured to and from golf, pyramids of range balls await you on the driving range.

The 24th Gold Coast World Masters is proudly presented by Tourism & Events Queensland and is proudly sponsored by Tourism Authority of Thailand, Callaway, Fenix XCell, Pacific Fair, Nu Pure & It’s Live in Queensland. You know it is going to be a special event.


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Participant tees-off at The Pines at Sanctuary Cove

Tee-off at the members-only The Pines at Sanctuary Cove

Befitting a World Masters event, this 72-hole championship tees off on the Gold Coast’s top four private and resort courses.

First up, is the exclusive, members-only, The Pines at Sanctuary Cove.

Remember the ‘Skins’ tournaments when 4 of the biggest names in golf competed for mega dollars? Well, they played that event right here. It’s also here that Adam Scott honed his golfing wizardry and still chooses to call home.

Just a couple of kilometres away is Links Hope Island.

When the Johnnie Walker Classic came to the Gold Coast, here is where they chose to host it. It was won by South Africa’s Ernie Els. Our own legend Peter Senior retired here, and you’ll still find him on the driving range most days.


“For me, the I love all the courses but is Lakelands and The Pines at Sanctuary Cove really standout” – Glenn Dodds (Gold Coast World Masters participant)



The third round is traditionally ‘moving day’.

Leaders might choose conservative play while those back in the field are likely to take a few more risks to make a run up the leader board. Palm Meadows is a perfect risk and reward course. Greg Norman’s driver attack on the double water carry par-5 finishing hole is still the stuff of legend.

It all happens right here – Scenes of jubilation or shattered dreams

It all comes down to the final round and what better venue than Lakelands – the only Jack Nicklaus signature course in Australia. The ‘Golden Bear’ fashioned this course to take advantage of the natural water courses and inspire golfers on every tee.

The finishing holes are tough, there’s no such thing as a safe lead when standing on the 17th, a long and testing par followed by the 18th, a demanding par 4, requiring accuracy and length to hit the green in regulation.

World Champion or not, there’s a bunch of other reasons golfers love this event. The laughter, the smiles, the fun, and friendship, it’s all infectious and any misgivings on the golf course are quickly forgotten. There’s good energy in the clubhouse.


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Participants at Top Golf

The fun starts at the Welcome Dinner at Top Golf

The Gold Coast World Masters kicks off with a night at Top Golf, the number one golfing attraction in the world. This 3-storey golf driving range, with bays set-up like ten-pin bowling and food and drinks delivered while music pumps. Score points as you draw, hook, pull, top, fade, slice and occasionally flush micro-chipped golf balls at huge illuminated targets. Luck is also handsomely rewarded.


The Gold Coast is Australia’s favourite holiday playground and you are spoilt for choice



Whether you come on your own, as a couple or with friends, you’ll feel right at home from the get-go. You won’t be ordering room service, every night there’s social and entertainment events to keep the party rolling. Those focused on winning might retire early, while others find the fun, the drinks, the band, and the dance floor hard to leave.

The event organisation is supreme. You want for nothing. It seems the organisers know what you want before you even want it.


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Glenn Dodds at the Gold Coast World Masters

Glenn Dodds winning a golfing holiday to China at the 2016 Gold Coast World Masters

There’s no-one better qualified to school you up on this event than Glen Dodds, a member at Mt Coolum on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Now 58, Glen has played this tournament every year. That’s right, 24 times.

He is not alone in his love for this event, 88 golfers have played the GC Masters 10 or more times.

“The Gold Coast World Masters is the first entry in my diary each year. My wife and friends, they dare not plan anything around the event – even weddings must be scheduled not to clash.”

“I don’t take my golf seriously. When I started playing this event, I was one of the young ones. All I can remember about that first event was that I had a great time, met awesome people and we all said we will come back.”

I love catching up with the blokes I have laughed with over the years and you always meet more friendly people every year. It just attracts good people.”


“The advice I would give to first timers would be to just relax and have 3 beers per nine! It’s exciting, but at the end of the day it’s just another game of golf.”



“Winning isn’t everything although I’ve managed 4 slabs of crystal out of the last 24 years. I’ve won my age division 3 times and was runner up once. It’s a pretty good hit and miss ratio.”

“A big thrill for me was the year I was drawn out as a major lucky draw winner. I won a golfing holiday to Chengdu in China and it was fantastic, and the extra days we stayed to see the Great Wall and Terracotta Warriors was wonderful as well.”

“The advice I would give to first-timers would be to just relax and have 3 beers per nine! It’s exciting, but at the end of the day, it’s just another game of golf. Don’t think about it, just stand up and hit the ball. Get to know your playing partners, they are bound to be great people and with a bit of fun and banter I always play better.”

“This year I’ve got a mate coming up from Sydney, he’s a first-timer. I know we’ll have a ball and he’ll probably get hooked on this event – just like me.”



Gold Coast World Masters | 13 – 18 October 2019

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