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For those solo travellers looking for a room share…

If you are travelling by yourself and are interested in room sharing on any of Go Golfing’s events or tours, then we invite you to register your interest by completing the online form below. By filling in this form, you agree to us contact you to let you know about up-and-coming room share opportunities.

Sharing a room while on tour has great advantages. You avoid the added cost of the single supplement and you have someone to share your travels with. We also understand that sharing a room with someone you don’t know has the potential for disaster. Even sharing with someone you do know can be challenging! So, at Go Golfing we put prospective room share partners in touch with each other before you commit to sharing. We want you to get to know each other, catch up for a cup of coffee if location allows, and importantly after a couple of chats you soon know if this a person you want to share a room with on tour. We put you in touch, you make the decision.

Singles aren’t auditioning for ‘Married at First Sight’. Indeed, we only arrange ladies to share with ladies and men to share with men, and we do want to get it right. We have arranged room shares for 19 golfers in the past 2 years and fingers crossed our track record has been great.