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Peter McCarthy


It’s sometimes hard to believe that 21 years ago I started Go Golfing from my parents’ garage. Time flies when you’re having fun. I’ve hosted more than 100 tournaments and more than 15 overseas tours. I quickly learned what clients wanted and what they valued. Some clients have racked up more than 50 tours. Now that the business has grown and I have a young family, it’s difficult to get a leave pass for the longer tours.


Peter works closely on:

Mark Hawley


My father gave me my first set of golf clubs on my 5th birthday. Although at that age, I was more interested in climbing trees than playing the game. In 2009, I won the Adam Scott Scholarship and this got me through the PGA International Golf Institute and Griffith University. Since landing my job with Go Golfing I haven’t looked back! Delivering a top notch tournaments and seeing the smiles on participants’ faces makes my hard work worthwhile. I love my job!


Mark is the go-to guy for:

Terry McCarthy (Left)


I love EVERYTHING about hosting tours. It’s all about the people I meet and the places I take them to. Some of my most memorable moments have been hot air ballooning over the Valley of the Kings, the Pyramids, sailing the Nile and Yangtze rivers and seeing all three of the largest waterfalls in the world – just to name a few. My bucket list is dwindling down to a tea cup…

My bucket list is dwindling down to a tea cup…


Terry keeps busy with:

Graeme Thomas (Far right)


I was a client before I became a tour host, so I know first-hand just what our clients are looking for when they travel with us. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to meet a wide range of people from different walks of life and witness (and promote) the great camaraderie and friendships which develop on tour. Best parts so far? Going to Egypt, Canada, UAE, South Africa, China, Hong Kong/Macau, Scotland/Ireland… The list goes on!


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Cloud Nguyen (Far Right)


I lived in the capital city of Hanoi, Vietnam until I moved to Australia in 2008. I took up golf and from day one, I knew this was a sport for me! And so, I completed my diploma in Golf Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel and Tourism and started working for Go Golfing. Similar to golf, from day one I fell in love with my job. I love seeing people’s smiles when they travel with us and I can’t wait to see yours!


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Wally tour host Dubai with group web
Wally Pastuch


I love golf and travel and seeing clients happy. I have been in the golf industry for over 30 years. John Howard actually awarded me a “gong” for my services to golf. I enjoy meeting new people and discovering new places, especially if they have a memorable attraction – like a golf course. Add to this the experience of local culture, food and places of interest – what else does one need?

Wally hosts: