Ladies vs men…who golfs more with Go Golfing

Ladies vs men…who golfs more with Go Golfing

Of course it’s Men, isn’t it?The 2020-21 Australian Golf Participation Survey, commissioned by Golf Australia, reported that just 19% of golf club membership is female. Based on this, more men, 5 times in fact, should be touring.

So it will come as a massive surprise to most that in 2022, 51% of travellers on Go Golfing tours were female. That’s right, more ladies booked a hosted golf tour with Australia’s largest golf travel company than men.

We caught up with Go Golfing’s founder, Peter McCarthy, to try and make some sense of this mystifying stat…

Firstly, it’s true, more women than men travelled on our tours in 2022 and the trend looks set to continue with ladies accounting for 52% of all tour bookings so far in 2023.

We’ve seen female tour bookings increase every year since 2005, up from 36% to now overtaking male golfers.Based on male/female golf stats, the Beach Boys lyrics “two girls for every guy” should be the case on tour. But it’s not.

How? Why? I think there’s a few factors at play. Go Golfing tour itineraries incorporate a balance of golf ‘every other day’, as well as a curated mix of iconic sights, cultural immersion, food, wine and entertainment.

Not sure why, but ‘boys trips‘ tend to be golf, golf, golf. Very few golfers play 6 days a week at home, so I don’t see the rationale in playing every day on holiday. Golf will always be the main course on tour, however we feel there’s so much more worth discovering.

Back to the ladies, they’ve told me that they feel ‘safe’ when travelling with Go Golfing. Our commitment to safety in all aspects of tour planning and delivery is unwavering. Professional hosts, experienced local guides, group touring, security protocols all contribute to feeling ‘safe’ whether touring in Australia, Asia, Europe or Africa. We even go as far as to educate our travellers on local scams targeting unsuspecting tourists.

We also foster a real sense of community and camaraderie among the tour group. We arrange for you to get to know everyone before the tour even starts. Our trained hosts not only welcome you, they introduce you around and check-in to make sure all is okay.

Our hosts have an uncanny knack of creating comfort and even the most reserved travellers find themselves comfortable enough to tell a joke, dance or join in some karaoke.

One of the greatest compliments we receive is “the brochure didn’t say how much fun we’d have.”

Pairs, don’t despair, 65% of all bookings are couples.

Bringing golfers together for the best times of their lives, isn’t just Go Golfing’s slogan, it’s our commitment to all travellers – Male and Female!