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SS9000x - Version 2.0

Intelligent Touch
Using an impressive 3"" transflective, sunlight readable screen, control the SS9000X V2.0 using the Touch screen and zoom in & out for a closer look. Using GPS the SS9000X V2.0 follows your position on the course, displaying lives distances to hazards and greens or choose your own point to point targets.
The SS9000X V2.0 powers a range of smart features and delivers extraordinary performance to improve your game.
Simple display so you can concentrate on the game
Live distances to all hazards and greens are instantly updated on the aerial overview as you walk metre by metre along the hole. Zoom in for large friendly font or just watch as the distances update and the SS9000X V2.0 follows you along the fairway
Touch and Zoom in Aerial Overview mode
Using the highly sensitive Touch screen, zoom in to any point on the fairway for your best take on your next great shot.
View easy to read data in Green & Hazards mode
The SS9000X V2.0 allows you to choose the way you view distances. In this mode, you can see live distances to the Green and infinite hazards in simple data form.
Play your way with customised distances
Create point to point marks on the fairway and measure distances to unique points.
Know the distance on international courses
The SS9000X V2.0 comes preloaded with Australian courses, in both Aerial Overview mode and Green & Hazards mode. If you are travelling overseas you can now download international maps and view them in Green & Hazards mode.
Extraordinary performance with smooth curves
The 9000X 3" transflective sunlight readable screen, has extreme clarity and high resolution for use in all weather. Encased in the new look design it features smooth lines, sporty colour tones, and a light yet waterproof casing which fits perfectly in your hand.
Handy Apps
Featuring a Calendar to lock in that next game, a stop watch to keep the speed of play going, an alarm clock for reminders plus a calculator to tally your winnings for the day. Handy!

PRICE: $359 + postage and handling



Now with free Lifetime Membership!
When you need the most accurate distances to the front, centre & back of the green the Sureshotgps micro delivers. A smart GPS for golf, the Sureshotgps micro has intelligent auto-course recognition, individual shot distance and colour display in a water proof designed casing weighing less than 100 grams to fit perfectly in your pocket.
Now with free Lifetime membership with no annual fees, so you can enjoy downloading courses from over 1500 accurately mapped courses in Australia alone and over 14,000 worldwide.

PRICE: $159 + postage and handling



To get you on the course faster the new SS8850X comes preloaded with the largest database of Australian courses, covering all the courses you'll actually play at.

The SS8850X takes all the remarkable features of the 8850 model and enhances what is already the leading GPS for golf by including the entire Sureshotgps Australian database of course maps preloaded onto the unit and FREE Lifetime Membership, meaning no additional fees ever, allowing access to our worldwide map database for entire life of the unit.

PRICE: $339 + postage and handling


MGI Navigator G800


  • Full directional remote control including forward, left, right & reverse plus speed control
  • Full colour interactive screen
  • Integrated Sureshotgps software
  • Buggy mode featuring walking speed, times & distances
  • 24volt Electronic System
  • Twin callibrated 200w motors
  • StraightTracker™ Technology
  • Gradient Braking Sensor™ technology
  • 4th wheel for added stability
  • Compact one piece frame with easy folding
  • Ergonomic, non-splip hand grips
  • Multi position adjustable handles
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • Free-wheeling ability
  • Tyre traction in wet/dry conditions
  • Adjustable bag supports
  • Digital automatic battery charger
  • Rain Cover provision
  • Umbrella storage bracket

Standard Inclusions

  • Padded seat with storage
  • Sand bucket loop
  • Umbrella holder
  • USB Cord
  • Digital automatic battery charger
  • World AC Charger - remote control charging


  • 2 years warranty on all parts including Lithium battery










PRICE: $1,899 + postage and handling


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