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Go Golfing Travel introduces new hosted tours

Go Golfing is an Australian-based company that specialises in tournament events, tours and holidays for amateur golfers. After sixteen years within the golf and travel industry, Go Golfing has fostered a reputable name for its quality and service. 
With the introduction of new and exciting destinations to their portfolio including Scotland and Ireland, Russia, Hong Kong and Macau and Bali, Go Golfing incorporated leisure travel to their expertise. Since the launch of Go Golfing Travel, the company has diversified its business model and offers customers both golf and non-golf personalised hosted tours.
With their years of experience in providing a one-stop-shop for all golf and leisure holidays, they have successfully sought out a combination of the most exquisite experiences and packed it into an all inclusive itinerary.
The second week of October will see customers embark on Go Golfing Travel’s inaugural Vietnam Cooking Tour – one of the first of many non-golfing tours to be offered by the company. During the nine day tour, customers will participate in three gourmet cooking experiences at places such as Tinh Gia Vien House Restaurant with Ms Ton Nu Ha, Red Bridge Cooking School and Saigon Culinary Art Centre. The Vietnam Gourmet Cooking Tour travels through several magical regions of Vietnam where customers will discover the ranges of delicious flavours from each region. The trip is personally hosted by Go Golfing Travel staff and offers amazing opportunities for everyone on the tour to mix with the locals, learn the cooking techniques of Vietnam and receive tips on authentic cooking in the area as well as having new recipes to take home. 
As cruise specialists, Go Golfing Travel offers both golf and leisure cruising tours with this year’s debut of a New Zealand Christmas Golf Cruise. Go Golfing Travel is not forgetting the family, with their portfolio also including a VIP Disneyland tour which is packed full of experiences for every member of the family to enjoy.
Whether it be through golf or non-golf tours, Go Golfing Travel continues to explore all corners of the globe with new destinations and tours for customers to truly see the most amazing tourist attractions and golfing venues.
Go Golfing and travel partner, Go Golfing Travel provided golf and travel solutions to over 10,000 clients in 2010 and is widely regarded as the premier golf travel company by the Australian golf community. 
Backed by family values and uncompromising service, Go Golfing has enjoyed tremendous growth in its business portfolio and delivers a diverse range of golf and leisure holidays to meet every travellers needs. 
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